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                                               Pricing Guide

This pricing guide and decor menu reflects starting prices for our most popular items. This is not a comprehensive list of what we offer but it does provide a point of reference for our most popular items. Every event is unique and prices may vary based on individual selections. 

Helium Balloons​


Balloon bouquets are the perfect party accent. There are hundreds of balloon styles available from solid colors to prints. We offer Latex and Non Latex balloon options (foil and plastic). Not sure what you want? Just ask for the “designers choice” and we will build a bouquet to fit your colors, theme, and budget.

Latex Balloons: Includes Helium (float time 2-3+ days)

  • 11″ (standard size) / $3 each

  • 16-18″ (medium size) / $10 each

  • Confetti Fill Adds +$5

  • Foil Balloons: Includes Helium (float time 2-3+ days)

  • 18″ Basic Round or Star Shapes / $4-5 each

  • 26″ – 40″ Numbers Or Letters / $18 each

  • 20″-50″ Shapes (unicorns, flamingos etc.) / $12+

  • *Weights are $1.50 and will be added as needed.


Jumbo Balloons​


Jumbo Balloons are available in (2) sizes and can be customized to match any theme or event. Everyone loves a LARGE surprise!

A’La Carte Pricing: Includes Helium. Float time 3-5 days +

  • 24″ Size / $22 each (Confetti Fill Adds + $5)

  • 30″ Size / $28 each (Confetti Fill Adds + $5)

Tail Add Ons:

  • Paper Streamer Tails: $8 Per Balloon

  • Mylar Fringe Tails: $10 Per Balloon

  • Tissue Tassel Tails: $15 Per Balloon

Floor Large Balloon Bouquets

Our Floor Large Balloon Bouquets blend the best of both worlds! We combine helium balloons with air filled balloons to create a one of a kind free standing sculpture. This type of decor is perfect when you want to feature characters, themed icons, and number displays. These reach a height of approximately 7-8′ ft. creating a truly “grand” display. Intended for indoor use only.

  • Single Number or Foil Character: $100+

  • Double Number: $180+

Available Add Ons: (fees apply):

  • Greenery or Floral

  • Personalization / Custom Message

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