Enchanted Balloon Party and Event Decors - Bedroom Balloons
Bedroom Balloon Surprise

Create a magical surprise with a bedroom balloons surprise decor! Featuring helium-inflated balloons covering the ceiling, air balloons for floor. Options for choosing colors and additional decor available below. Perfect for hotel bedrooms, home decoration or any venue. Order your romantic setup for balloon  arrangement & venue decoration to delivery to Broward and Palm Beach. TERMS AND CONDITIONS Helium balloons will last 8 to 48 hours after inflated depending on the conditions they are kept in and how they are handled.  The quality of balloons will deteriorate in hot / humid conditions; color will change and size will deflate. Balloons also have the tendency to pop in hot weather conditions. Access is required to premises 3 hours in advance for preparation purposes. We are not held responsible for any delays in meeting event deadline in case access is not provided in advance. Some venues to not allow helium cylinders into premises which is required for large balloon quantities. Please check with security staff to help us for a smooth access and service. Any stands or fixtures used for decoration will be retrieved after the event and the price is not included. If stands are damaged or lost, there will be an extra fee.
Gold Crown Room decor
1 Foil Crown, 2 number foils, 24 chrome floating balloons, 10 foil stars
Price: $155.00
Chic Pink
2 number foil balloons, 20 latex floating balloons and 3 foil star balloons
Price: $130.00
Sassy Pink
100 ceiling floating balloons, 4 16" glitter clear balloons, 3 heart or star foil balloons, 50 floor balloons
Price: $490.00
Seaglass Turquoise
2 number foil balloons, 25 floating balloons, 25 floor balloons, 1 orbs, 1 clear and 1glitter and 2 foil stars
Price: $210.00